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Can “UK” mutation of COVID-19 lead to 3rd wave of pandemic in Armenia?

Theoretically, the so-called “British” mutation of the coronavirus could lead to a third wave of the pandemic in Armenia, but the third wave could start without that mutation, too. In any case, specialists expect a certain increase in this disease after the New Year holidays. Nune Bakunts, Deputy Director General of the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said this to a press conference Tuesday

According to her, today everyone is discussing the “UK” mutation, but there are many other such mutations, and this virus—as well as other viruses—is rapidly mutating and changing.

According to the specialist, the methods of combating all variants of the coronavirus remain the same, the means of treatment do not differ either; moreover, the respective vaccines available today will be effective against all known such mutations.

As for the detection of new variants, this does not require the usual PCR test, but a more complex one—by sequencing. Specialists are currently working to import such tests to Armenia; but until then, they can send the test samples to reference laboratories recognized by the World Health Organization, and where they can conduct that research.