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Harry is deeply sad, his heart is broken

Prince Harry, 36, takes the drama that happened to him hard.

The husband of Meghan Markle, 39, has not been able to see his grandmother, brother, and other relatives for a long time.

Journalist Tom Bradby recounts how Princess Diana’s younger son feels about Megxit and moving to the United States afterwards.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and closed borders, Prince Harry has not seen his relatives on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean for almost a year.

Bradby met Prince Harry when he was a teenager. It was Tom who became the author of the movie about Meghan and her husband traveling to Africa in 2019.

In an interview with ITV, Bradby shared unexpected information about the prince’s new life.

Tom has revealed how the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II feels in isolation. Prince Harry is deeply sad, and his heart is broken, Bradby said, referring to the strained relationship between his friend and the latter’s family.

But he does not hide that the couple is happy in the US.

He stressed that Harry and Meghan are happy with their lives, but that does not alleviate all the pain of the prince for his relatives from whom he is separated.

According to The Daily Mail, the friend of the Duke of Sussex noted that this year Meghan and Harry plan to return to the UK.

Sources assume that the couple will attend the celebration of the 95th birthday of Queen Elizabeth, unless, of course, the coronavirus disrupts these plans.