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Scientists offer new approach to weight loss

A tube inserted into the nostrils to dull the sense of smell may be an effective new method of weight loss.

People on a strict diet and using this device for three months lost twice as much weight as those who were just on the diet, Obesity Facts reported.

According to The Daily Mail, the members of the first group also ate less sweets, soda, and alcohol, which also contributed to their weight loss.

Food odors are known to increase appetite, induce salivation, and release hormones involved in initiating hunger or satiety. Besides, when a person is hungry, his sense of smell is exacerbated. This effect is especially pronounced in people who are overweight, obese or has food cravings.

The device consists of tubes made of soft silicone. It removes the inhaled air from the olfactory epithelium, which contains nerve cells that transmit odors to the brain.

As part of the experiments, the main group, when using the device, reduced their sense of smell by almost a third, thanks to which they managed to lose an average of 26% of their initial weight.