There are many weight-loss diets out there, and it can be hard to know which ones are worth trying.

By the way, some of them may be dangerous for your health and medicine has presented the top three of them.

Liquid diet

A liquid diet means you’re getting all of your calories from drinks. The issue is that such “nutrition” with only juices and other drinks negatively affects the stomach, intestines, and teeth.

Cabbage diet

It is believed that cabbage soup for two weeks can help you lose weight. It may, but after giving up the diet, you are likely to have digestive issues.

Protein diet

Such a diet means you’re getting all of your calories from animal protein: meat, cheese, eggs, dairy products, while excluding carbohydrates, even found in vegetables, fruits, whole grains. You are more likely to have high blood cholesterol levels and no energy throughout the day.

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